Where did Fatafly come from?

My daughter was 5 and it was time for bed. All the usual stories in her collection we had read over and over and over.

Sound familiar?

‘I’ve got a new story for you tonight but its not in any book.’ I said – in truth I had no idea what story was going to be told that night. She looked at me with a bored face and I knew right away whatever this story is it better be good else any reputation I may have had as an imaginative Dad would be ruined..

The original telling of the Fatapiller tale was super short. It had something special because my daughter was surprised by the ending. She asked me a heap of questions & lots were just about the ending. Together we invented what might happen to this Fatapiller character, who he might meet & what could happen to him.


That night as my daughter went to sleep, I sat up writing the first instalment of the Fatapiller series. To help with the story I sketched up some character concepts of what he might look like and who the other characters might be. As you can see, these preliminary drawings are nothing like the final art but having them nearby while writing helped bring Fatapiller to life.

Where did Fatafly come from?
Draft sketches of Fatapiller…

Creating a storybook character from the ground up...

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