Where did Fatafly come from? Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this post you can find it here!

Over several nights, I would add a new part to the story and then read it to my daughter to get her thoughts. Children have an extraordinary ability to detect boring – more than a few times when reading a new part she’d say ‘I’m really tired Dad, you can go out now…’

The challenge was clear, I’d rewrite and rewrite again. Then, read it to her, if she stayed awake and asked questions about the new parts, then I was confident the story was on the right track.

During the day I would refine the character sketches to better compliment the revised storyline.

Where did Fatafly Come from? Part 2

Using the character concepts as a reference, I then modelled 3D versions of Fatapiller and the Gecko using ZBrush. Zbrush is a digital sculpting program and is perfect for character design. With Fatapiller in 3D, I was able to test different colours & textures on him. It made it easier to position the characters for each scene in the storyboard.

   Fatapiller 3D Concept - Colour  Mr Gecko - 3D Concept

The next post will show the Fatapiller Storyboard.

Where did Fatafly come from? Part 2

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