Fatapiller was sitting in his living room one day when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

He got up and answered it.

Standing on the other side was his best friend was Mili the happy ant.

“Hello Mili, how can I help you today?” Asked Fatapiller the friendly caterpillar
“Hi Fatapiller, I’ve come to you because I want to ask your advice.” Answered Mili
“Please come in my friend.” Invited Fatapiller

Mili and Fatapiller went into the living room and sat at Fatapiller’s table that was made from a jacket button.

“Tell me what troubles you Mili?” Asked Fatapiller
“Well, it’s about my next door neighbor, Miss Ladybug.” Answered Mili looking a bit unsettled
“Do not be troubled Mili. I am your friend, you can tell me anything.” Said Fatapiller with a smile
“Well, I don’t think she likes me very much.” Said Mili
“What makes you say that Mili?” Asked Fatapiller
“Whenever, I say good morning she never says good morning back and when I say hello to her in the street, she turns the other way. I do not know why she is upset at me Fatapiller. We used to get along great before.” Said Mili looking at the ground and feeling sad
“Can you not think of any reason why she may be mad at you? Tell me what new things have happened to you since the last time you were friendly with each-other?” asked Fatapiller
“Nothing much really, I’ve been collecting food for the winter as I always do with my new friend Dummby the kind Bumblebee.”

Fatapiller thought for a bit and then asked Mili

“How long have you known Dummby, Mili?”
“Not very long, two weeks to be exact.” Answered Mili
“And how long has it been since Miss Ladybug has not spoken to you Mili?” Asked Fatapiller again
“Um… two weeks I think.” Answered Mili and then gasped
“Fatapiller, do you think that maybe miss Ladybug does not like Dummby?” asked Mili
“Oh no Mili, I think Miss Ladybug is just jealous of Dummby.” Said Fatapiller
“But why?” Asked Mili
“Tell me this Mili, who did you used to collect your winter storage with before Dummby?” Asked Fatapiller smiling
“Well I used to collect it with Miss Ladybug, but then Dummby came along one day and asked me if I could be her friend and help her with her own collecting.” Said Mili
“Did you invite Miss Ladybug to join you Mili?” Asked Fatapiller
“Yes I did, but she got angry and said she would collect her own storage for the winter.” Answered Mili
“Mili, she was just jealous because she thought that you would abandon her for your new friend. She was scared and got angry at you.”  Said Fatapiller
“Really, what should I do then Fatapiller?” Asked Mili pleadingly
“I think that you should go to Miss Ladybug and tell her that you will always be her friend and nothing can change that, and that there is enough room in your heart for both her and Dummby and then ask her to help you and Dummby to collect the food for the Winter.
I am sure she will agree.” Said Fatapiller wisely
“Yes Fatapiller. I can see that you are right. I will do exactly as you have said. I just hope Miss Ladybug will forgive me.” Said Mili
“She will Mili, because true friends never say goodbye.” Said Fatapiller

And with that Mili went to Miss Ladybug and said everything Fatapiller had instructed him to say. Miss Ladybug was very happy that Mili explained everything and said she would be happy to help him and Dummby collect food for the winter.

Miss Ladybug was never jealous of Mili’s friends ever again, because she knew that Mili would always find time for her as well.

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