Fatapiller was crawling on the edge of a high cliff, when he heard a high bird call.

“Oh no, there is a bird around here and they might eat me.” Thought Fatapiller to himself

He heard the high pitched bird call again.

“Oh no, oh no. What am I to do.” Said Fatapiller now out-loud

He heard it on more time. This time Fatapiller decided to be brave and look around to see where the call was coming from.

He looked up, and there, nesting on the edge of a cliff was a big brown feathered eagle.

“That’s not a bird! That’s a mighty and brave eagle.” Said Fatapiller to himself
“The mighty eagle is no threat to me. I shall go and say hello and perhaps make a new friend.” Thought Fatapiller, plucking up the courage to walk towards the edge of the cliff

As Fatapiller approached the mighty eagle, he saw that the eagle looked very scared.

“Hello there Mr. Eagle, are you feeling O.K?” Asked Fatapiller

The great eagle slowly turned its head with its sharp beak towards Fatapiller the friendly caterpillar.

“Nnnnn… no I am not ok. I am terribly afraid of heights.” Stuttered the eagle
“But aren’t you an eagle? Have you never flown before?” Asked Fatapiller with a puzzled look
“Yes I am an eagle and I used to fly high up there, beyond the clouds, but now I am very frightened of heights.” Answered the eagle looking back down the cliff and shivering
“But why, Something must have happened to scare you so? What has happened?” Asked Fatapiller

The eagle looked at Fatapiller again and thought for a moment, then he decided to tell this little plump caterpillar his story.

“One day I was soaring high above the clouds. I was very happy. There is nothing like flying Mr. Caterpillar.
Nothing in this entire world, but as I was flying high above the clouds, I was so happy that I closed my eyes for a moment.
My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see the big airplane coming towards me. Just as I opened my eyes I saw it.
I panicked, and I quickly ducked down to avoid it, But it was a bit too late, and the tail of the plane hit me and I fell towards the ground.
I managed to glide slowly before hitting the ground with a thump.
My back hurt from where the plane had hit.
I slowly recovered, but since that day I have afraid to go up in the air again.” Finished the great eagle

A single tear ran down its left eye.

Fatapiller was amazed at this sad story. He was determined to help the eagle fly again.

He pondered and pondered and finally a crazy idea came to him.

“Mr. Eagle, I have heard that the eagles are a very proud and honorable birds.” Said Fatapiller to the eagle
“Yes we are.” Answered the eagle
“I have also heard that when you have given your word to a friend or anyone for that matter, you will keep it no matter what.” Said Fatapiller smiling up at the eagle
“Yes that is absolutely true. If I give someone my word I keep it, no matter what the consequences to me.” Said the mighty eagle proudly, puffing his chest up
“Well then mighty eagle, my name is Fatapiller and I would like you to give me your word that you will let no harm come to me while I am in your presence.” Said Fatapiller to the eagle

The eagle looked puzzled and thought about this request for a moment until he decided.

“Very well Fatapiller, no harm shall come to you while you are at my presence. You have my word.” Said the mighty eagle
“That’s great to hear Mr. Eagle. I will now jump off this cliff and you must catch me in the air.” And with saying this, Fatapiller jumped off the cliff.

As soon as Fatapiller fell a couple of feet, the mighty eagle opened its wings and jumped off the cliff.

He dived head first towards the falling Fatapiller and caught him just as he was about to hit the ground.

Then he gently landed and put Fatapiller on the ground.

“What were you thinking? You could have died.” Said the eagle angrily
“No I wouldn’t. I had your word and I knew you would catch me Mr. Eagle.” Said Fatapiller

The eagle’s anger faded and he smiled.

“You are a very brave caterpillar and you have also cured me of my fear. I thank you for this service. From this day forward, I Aquila, the brave eagle, will always protect my great new friend Fatapiller.” Declared Aquila the brave eagle proudly

Aquila offered to take Fatapiller back to his house and they flew far above the clouds.

Fatapiller realized that Aquila had been right. There was nothing like flying.

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