One early morning Fatapiller the happy Caterpillar was doing his house chores and whistling the caterpillar song. As he was cleaning his bedroom he looked up for a moment and saw his reflection in the mirror.

“Oh no, I am so fat” thought Fatapiller to himself and suddenly became very sad.

Fatapiller became so sad that he started to cry.

Mili the happy ant, who was Fatapiller’s best friend and neighbour, heard the sobbing coming from his good friend’s house.

Worriedly, Mili ran to Fatapiller’s house and knocked on the door.

“Fatapiller, Fatapiller are you OK?” Asked Mili in a concerned voice.
“Go….go….away” replied Fatapiller through sobs
“Fatapiller, it’s me, your best friend, Mili the happy ant. What’s wrong buddy?” asked Mili.
“I am fat and ugly and I don’t like myself one bit” said Fatapiller crying even harder than before.
“You aren’t fat or ugly Fatapiller. You are my best friend and I would never lie to you” Said Mili the happy ant.
“YES I AM YES I AM, YES I AM” screamed Fatapiller.

Mili was getting very worried for his best friend and he pondered and pondered on what he could say or do to make him feel better. He pondered so much that hours went by.

Finally an idea came to him. A brilliant idea that only a very smart ant could have thought it.

“Fatapiller, please open the door because I am going to take you to a very good friend of mine. He is very smart and he will convince you that you are not fat or ugly” Said Mili in a happy tone.

Fatapiller stopped sobbing and slowly opened the door.

“Who is this friend of yours Mili?” asked Fatapiller
“Why, it’s my good friend Wispy the Wise Wasp of course.” Replied Mili smiling
“Will you come meet him with me? I’m sure that he will convince you that you are not fat or ugly” said Mili to Fatapiller.

Fatapiller had heard of Wispy the Wise Wasp and he knew that he was very smart and wise.

“OK Mili, I will come with you to meet Wispy, but I don’t think he will convince me that I am not fat or ugly.”

And off they went. Mili the happy ant leading the way and Fatapiller, head bowed and sad, followed behind.

They crossed two streams and one big boulder, until finally; they reached a brick wall with a little crack in it.

“Who goes there? Who cries out my name?” asked a voice within the crack in the wall
“It is I, your good insect friend, Mili the happy ant” replied Mili.

A buzzing sound started coming deep from within the crack in the wall. The buzzing started getting louder and louder until finally, a big wasp with yellow and black stripes came out.

“Hello Mili, how may I help you today?” asked Wispy the Wise Waspy wheezing.
“Wispy, this is my friend Fatapiller the friendly caterpillar and he thinks that he is fat and ugly.” replied Mili.

Wispy turned and looked at Fatapiller.

“Fatapiller, why do you think that you are fat or ugly?” asked Wispy.
“I was cleaning my house and as I looked up I saw my reflection in the mirror and I looked fat and ugly.” answered Fatapiller, his eyes filling with tears again.

Wispy looked at Fatapiller for a bit and then smiled and asked;

“Fatapiller, before you saw yourself in the mirror, were you happy or sad?”
“Why, I was very happy. I love doing my chores every morning.” answered Fatapiller.
“And before that, what were you doing?” asked Wispy again with a smile.
“I was at Mili’s house helping him with his chores.” replied Fatapiller.
“And were you sad or happy?” asked Wispy again.
“Happy, of course. I love helping my friends.” said Fatapiller.
“Fatapiller, do you think I am ugly, with my skinny legs and my yellow and black stripes and my scaly wings?” asked Wispy in with a serious look.
“No, of course not.” said Fatapiller looking stunned.
“Why not?” asked Wispy the Wise Wasp.
“Because you are how you are meant to be. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be you.” answered Fatapiller the friendly caterpillar.
“Don’t you think, that if your mirror could talk, it wouldn’t say the same thing to you Fatapiller.” asked Wispy with a smile.

Fatapiller pondered this question for a bit and then smiled.

“Yes I think it would say that” replied Fatapiller.
“Fatapiller, you must be happy with what you have. Happiness comes from what you do and not how you look.
You were happy cleaning your house and before that, helping Mili.
So go back home and say thank you to the mirror because it was showing you how happy you are and not what you look like.” Said Wispy the Wise Wasp wisely.

Fatapiller now understood that he had been wrong. He thanked Wispy the Wise Wasp for his wise words and together with Mili returned home.

From that day forward whenever he was cleaning the house, Fatapiller would look in the mirror and say “thank you mirror for showing me how happy I am”.

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