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Fatafly finds a way...

A mindful tale about never giving up....

Fatafly the butterfly has a mighty big problem. A mighty big grey problem.
Mr Elephant is stuck. He is covered in mud and cannot get out of the watering hole.
Fatafly is going to lift him out, but it is not as easy as he first thought.
The other jungle animals just laugh and say things like, 'you're just a flying bug!' You cannot possibly lift the mighty elephant out' Even the elephant himself thinks Fatafly is too small! 'Go find someone else to help me' he says, 'you're just too small!
Fatafly knows if he looks hard enough, for long enough and in just the right places, he will find a way. Come with Fatafly as he travels deep into the jungle. Will he get the elephant out? Can he find a way? A mindful story about never giving up.