Chasing Tales & Mindfulness Stories for Children

Fat Egg

When an egg hatches on a warm sunny day, who do you think emerges from it? Fatapiller, of course, only he isn’t that fat yet.

Famished and desperate for something nice to eat, Fatapiller soon discovers that not everything tastes good.

Bread is too dry, berries are too sweet and floating seeds are just plain wrong.

But, when a beautifully coloured bird snatches him high into her nest in a nearby tree, maybe up there Fatapiller will find the tasty treat he’s been searching for.

Join Fatapiller on his adventure as he tries all sorts of food but never seems to find the thing that will satisfy his hunger.

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Fatapiller likes eating leaves. He eats so many and he’s become so big that he falls from the highest branches of his tree, where all the yummiest leaves are.

As he falls, he passes the sleeping Koala, the dangling Mrs. Spider and a puzzled young chick in his nest, before crashing into the soft mossy ground.

But Fatapiller’s troubles have only just begun. As he lies helpless on his back, a greedy Gecko approaches, looking for an easy meal. Can Fatapiller find a way to avoid becoming a tasty treat for Gecko? He will need all his wits about him if he can find a way back to his safe home in the canopy.

This enchanting children’s story is told in rhyme and filled with fabulous colour pictures. It will delight children and adults alike and is sure to become a bedtime favourite for your child too.

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Fatafly Finds a Way

Fatafly the butterfly has a mighty big problem. A mighty big grey problem.
Mr Elephant is stuck. He is covered in mud and cannot get out of the watering hole.
Fatafly is going to lift him out, but it is not as easy as he first thought.
The other jungle animals just laugh and say things like, ‘you’re just a flying bug!’ You cannot possibly lift the mighty elephant out’ Even the elephant himself thinks Fatafly is too small! ‘Go find someone else to help me’ he says, ‘you’re just too small!
Fatafly knows if he looks hard enough, for long enough and in just the right places, he will find a way. Come with Fatafly as he travels deep into the jungle. Will he get the elephant out? Can he find a way? A mindful story about never giving up.

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Nick the Seal

When Nick the Seal wakes up and discovers that his family have gone he gets frightened. But things get worse when he sees that Mr Orca is swimming nearby.

Nick doesn’t want to become Mr Orca’s next meal, so he waits until the hungry whale swims far away before he gets into the water.

But it isn’t long before Mr Orca is back and chasing Nick through the crystal-clear shallows. Nick ducks, twists, dives and dodges, but will he be fast enough to avoid becoming Mr Orca’s supper? And will he find his family again?

Read all about Nick the super-fast Seal in this exciting and thrilling adventure.

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